History of the Monstrum, or How We Got Here

I’ve been in the process of writing a fantasy novel for the last few years, and even used Nanowrimo to help me put the pen to paper. Many things still need to be fleshed out in my world building, however… and so I’ve decided to start with a little history of the creatures at the forefront of my story


In the early days of the 21st century, mankind had little clue as to what manner of creatures lived among them. These creatures, all magical in nature, preferred to keep curious eyes away from themselves and so had no problem with allowing the humans to believe that it was them that controlled the planet. But, as is often the case in these kinds of stories, mankind became selfish and many of them overreached for control over the elements. Technologies had been created, marvelous technologies that rivaled the creatures’ own magic. These technologies, not unlike magic, came with a great price. War, drought, famine, and destruction had reached all corners of the globe hurting the humans as much as it hurt the non-magical creatures that existed among them. 
It wasn’t until the next century that these creatures decided they could no longer sit idly by while the humans destroyed everything that was held dear to them. After agreeing among themselves, they quite suddenly made themselves known. Overnight, everything changed in the world. The greatest battle over control of the planet had been waged, and the humans were barely prepared for it. Even their technology, which had far surpassed anything ever expected, could do little against creatures that seemed capable of controlling the very elements that they came from. The humans came to know them as the monstrum, because to humans they were frightening monsters sent to destroy them. 

The war would have been over in a moment, the monstrum as a united front far outnumbered the already dwindled population of the humans. However, if you for a moment imagined that the monstrum were the righteous, honorable faction in this story, you would be wrong. It is not that the monstrum were all bad any more than they were all good. Instead, the monstrum were very much like the humans they opposed- carrying great capability for both good and bad. In this case, it was that many of the monstrum may have believed themselves to be the good of their species, even when they were clouded by the anger they felt towards the humans they now fought. 

And so it was that a rift formed between the monstrum. Many of the monstrum begin to see humans and their technology as evil and incapable of any redeeming qualities. Of these monstrum, a plan was formed to destroy every human in existence, no matter the cost to other creatures in the way. The majority of the monstrum continued their efforts to gain control of their damaged planet without destroying the entire species to do so. This rift deepened as the war raged on, and before the humans knew it, the war was being fought between three factions instead of two. 

It is an age old adage that the enemy of one’s enemy is one’s friend. And this case proved not to be any different. It wasn’t long until an alliance was formed, due in part to the many deaths caused by the rebel faction. Those monstrum that were sympathetic to the humans’ survival teamed up with the humans and allowed them the use of their powers to remove the threatening monstrum from existence. 

And this was how the war was won and an alliance formed. It would only be decades of peace between the remaining monstrum and the humans before it was inevitably destroyed again. The ability that the monstrum had to lend their powers to the humans during the war had been the decision of the monstrum, but had also been lusted after by many of the humans who had borrowed these powers. Unbeknownst to their monstrum allies, scientists had been working on developing a mechanism that would allow all the humans control of these powers regardless of choice. 

With this mechanism created, the alliance was no longer necessary for peace. It was mass created and sold on the open market, often taking many different forms of otherwise common place objects and affectionately called by humans “talismans.” And then it was, by the end of the 23rd century that the monstrum were largely enslaved by the humans, friendship betrayed by greed. They became a status symbol for the rich, with a family’s importance increasing by the amount of talismans they owned. Those monstrum that had managed to escape the initial gathering of powers went back into hiding, not to be seen again. 

This story begins centuries later, when monstrum have become no more than a piece of furniture in a great household, their powers greatly diminished with no memory of the creatures they used to be. As far as anyone is aware, no wild monstrum still exist in nature…

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